Funded by the European and Developing Clinical Trials Partnership and sponsored by St George’s, University of London, PREPARE aims to define and reduce the burden of neonatal, infant and maternal GBS in a Sub-Saharan African population. The project has entered its 5th year of research. Work Packages 2 and 5 have completed follow-up. Work Package 4 has completed recruitment and is in its follow-up phase.


The PREPARE project is comprised of GBS infectious disease experts from 11 collaborators spanning across 8 different countries


Long term control of GBS depends on the availability of an effective vaccine. A GBS vaccine would reduce the burden of GBS (maternal disease, stillbirths, premature births and infant disease) by protecting both mothers and infants. The PREPARE project includes Phase II studies for two GBS vaccine candidates, in pregnant women living with and without HIV, in sub-Saharan Africa.

Capacity Building

We aim to build capacity in Uganda for future vaccine studies. We will work with experts from other countries that have undertaken vaccine studies in pregnant women. This will help us when considering regulatory and ethical issues in preparation for clinical trials in this population.

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